Who we work with

We see first hand the drawbacks of high counselor-to-student ratios in California.  For effective college counseling, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) recommends a ratio of 1 counselor for every 100 students.  Ratios in our area reach 1:850 and upwards.  Also, according to the most recent report by NACAC, "2015 State of College Admission Report", private school counselors spend an average of 55% of their time on college counseling while public school counselors spend on average only 22% of their time on college counseling. 

Public School Students
Most public school counselors simply don't have enough time to work with students on the college process and is the main reason why we developed our Classroom Course solely for public school students.  All services are available to public school students.

Private School Students
Regardless of counselor to student ratios, families continue to seek help to navigate the college admissions process.  All services except the Classroom Course are offered to private school students.

What types of students?
We work with students in all academic ranges: average students, B-students, and honors and AP students.  We work with students with learning disabilities, student-athletes, students who know specifically what they want out of college, and students who have no idea of where to start looking.

Let us fill in the gaps where our school counselors can’t.

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