Transition to College:

  • Summer jobs:  apply early. 
  • On-campus college jobs:  Start your search over summer.  Use campus website resources.
  • On-campus Federal Work-Study jobs:  Aim to apply for these through campus on-line job banks by the first or second week of classes as these tend to go fast.
  • Roommates: 
    • Be open to NOT rooming with a friend you already know.  College should be about getting to know new people. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you grow!
    • Get acquainted with your roommate or roommates ASAP.  Compare what you'll be providing for your room.  Do you really need 2 refrigerators or 2 microwaves?
  • What to pack for college?


recommended readings for students and parents:

For Students: 
"The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College" by Harlan Cohen.  "Tips include: be yourself, lock your door, set boundaries with your roommate, don't drink too much and be sensitive to others' differences. Cohen tackles the ins and outs of residence halls, student organizations, friendships, dating, drugs and money-oh, and he considers classes, too, though with perhaps with less enthusiasm (and certainly fewer pages) than he devotes to sex." 

For Parents: 
"Letting Go:  A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years" by Karen Levin Coburn.  Letting Go is about what it feels like for parents when their kids go off to college.  It discusses the college-age child's search for identity, independence, and intimacy and provides a year-by-year breakdown of what to expect through the college years.  (Parents will be reaching for this book for years to come.)  Of special note is the focus on orientation and the freshman year, including the disorientation parents feel once the drop-off has been made.