Testimonials from previous years' parents and students:



Debbie - "Your guidance of only talking once a week about college and the warning that teens do grow and change was invaluable.  Also, the extreme importance of visiting colleges had a big effect in a very positive way.  It made the whole college transition a true journey and not a yelling match."

Kathy - “We have two older children who have already successfully completed the college application process, so I enrolled (my son) primarily for the essay portion of the course.  However, the entire course was very beneficial.  I would recommend got college? to all college-bound students – definitely a bargain!”

Aimie - “got college? is a tremendous resource.  I know I couldn’t provide the focus and leadership needed, plus my daughter listens better to someone other than her mother!  Definitely recommend it.”

Sharon - “Celeste and Marna prepared us and guided us every step of the way!  They are very knowledgeable.  They were easy to access to answer questions.  I know we wouldn’t have been so well prepared and on top of things without them.  They helped us complete the application process in plenty of time.  We already have an acceptance letter and it is only December!”

Karen - “There was great benefit in having got college?  guidance with my second student, second time around.  The focused time with (my daughter) was meaningful and helpful to us all.  I received tips for directing me and how to better support (my daughter) in this process.”

Carol - “I don’t know how our family would have survived this process without your guidance.  Your knowledge, skillful pacing, and calming influence helped us keep on top of our timelines and get through the ordeal…I am happy with the variety of colleges (our son) ended up applying to.  I would have never guessed he would have applied to two out of state schools before we started our journey with you both.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Sarah - "The three most beneficial lessons from the got college? program were (1) the value of organization in the application process, (2) to steadfastly insist on college visits, and (3) finding the balance between letting go to allow my kids to make their own mistakes, and helping them not make mistakes that would cost them an opportunity to attend college."

Stephanie - "Thank you for your continued help!  This course has been incredibly helpful and informative for my daughter and her parents!  I don't know how we would have gotten through this application process without the help and guidance of got college?"



Kathryn - "got college? became a way for me to know my real potential.  What I thought was impossible was now in my reach.  I am bound to go to the college of my dreams."

Andrew - "I enjoyed the ability to ask questions about the application process and feel as if someone is personally invested in my success.  The most helpful part of the course is the feeling of preparedness from planning out the application process in advance for a low-stress senior year."

Alexis - "I liked how the comments on our writings were frank and truthful, so we knew where our writing needed improvement."

Jonathan - “Procrastination is one of my best friends and this class forced me to take the time and research ahead of time.  It greatly reduced stress in my college application process.”

Andrew - Two beneficial aspects from the Comprehensive Course were "the help… writing my UC applications and… picking reach and back up schools for my college list.”                

Hydie - “I didn’t have to forge my own path when starting to apply to college and was able to go into it with confidence of someone who had done this before.  I finished my apps early and discover what I wanted in a college.”       

Kayla - “Excellent job!  Thank you very much!  Many kids don’t have people who will take the time to help them through their applications, but you both did!  And it was very helpful.”

Colin - "The three most beneficial skills or information I received from got college? were essay writing, essay writing, essay writing.”