Consultation (8th -12th)        


a four-year plan review:

Based on your student’s past grades, test scores, interests, and their college aspirations, we can develop/update and discuss a four-year plan for high school including course selections and activities.  Many students use these four-year plans as blue-prints in choosing high school classes each year.  Parents are a necessary team member at these consultations.   



  • One hour meeting with student and parents (late junior or senior consults are 1.5 hours)

  • A written, detailed evaluation of student's transcript and academic profile

  • Recommendations to strengthen your student's college preparation and academic profile: courses, testing, and activities.

  • List of suggested colleges for further research

  • Recommendations for your student's next steps

  • The ability for follow-up questions within one week of consultation


8th grade consults differ:

  • One hour meeting with parent(s) during school hours only

  • Focusing on a 4-year plan and answering your questions

  • A report with recommendations/suggestions to follow within a few weeks of consult

  • The ability for follow-up questions within one week of consultation


When are these offered?

  • Junior Consults are available November thru June.

  • Soph, Frosh, and 8th grade Consults are available January thru July.

  • We focus on our senior-student clients during the peak college application season, Aug-Dec.



2019 Fees:

  • 8th grader $ 350

  • Freshman $ 375

  • Sophomore $ 425

  • Junior $ 425, if paid before March 31 of junior year

  • Late Junior $ 525, if paid on/after April 1 of junior year (1.5 hour meeting)

  • Senior $ 525, if space available (1.5 hour meeting)


To start the process:

  1. Complete our Contact Us form.

  2. Follow our specific instructions for required paperwork and payment.

  3. Consultation date/time is scheduled after we receive required paperwork and payment.


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