Team bios

Marna graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Sociology (1981) and a Master of Public Health Education (1984).   She spent 20 years educating health professionals on maternal and child health issues. Marna has been active in community organizations and lives in San Jose with her husband.  She is the happy parent of two young men, one who graduated from college in 2011 and one who graduated in 2013.




Celeste graduated from San Jose State University's College of Business with a BS in Marketing (1983).  She was a substitute teacher and proctor for AP tests at local schools.   Celeste has been an active community volunteer and was awarded "Volunteer of the Year" at Union Middle School and at Leigh High School.  She lives in Los Gatos with her husband and enjoys spending time with her daughter, who graduated from college in 2010 and son who graduated from college in 2012.


Lynn is a graduate of Indiana University - Bloomington (1985) in Public Policy Administration.  Her earlier work includes Woodside High School as a College & Career Tech and prior to that for the state of Indiana for the federal Job's Training Partnership Act program.  She lives in San Jose with her husband and is the active parent of a son, who is a current college student, and a daughter, who is a current high school student.