Small group courses

Starting in 2018 (for 2019 grads and younger), the format of our popular Classroom Course will be changing slightly.  Marna will be heading into retirement at the end of 2017. (Lucky gal)  Celeste and Lynn will continue to offer our group program.

Historically, we've offered larger "Classroom Courses" with 18 junior students in each, held at two public high schools.  What's changing?

  • Starting in 2018, we'll be offering 3-4 "Small Group Courses" with about 4-5 junior students in each and holding these in our home offices, located in Leigh High School's neighborhood. 
  • Priority registration will be given to students who have already had a Consultation with us. 
  • 2018 schedules and updated fee (likely $1,000) will be set and released in early December.  


Reading the 2017 Classroom Course outline will help to understand content and typical schedules. 

Small Group Courses will continue to be open to public high school students only.