Research Your Interests


  • My Road- A free interest survey at CollegeBoard that takes about 15 minutes to complete; take a personality assessment and explore related careers and majors.
  • Big Future through CollegeBoard - with articles and videos to research different majors and career paths.
  • has some excellent career planning resources
  • Do What You Are -  A reasonably priced interest assessment that takes about 30 minutes of your time.  NOTE:  If your school has Naviance, this might be offered for free through your Naviance portal.
  • O'Net Interest Profiler - A more sophisticated assessment with comprehensive occupational information for exploring occupations and career paths; developed under the sponsorship of the US Dept of Labor.  Students take an Interest Profile Survey that helps them begin the exploration process.
  • College Majors 101 - A website packed with information for each college major: general description, which colleges offer this major, employers, publications, news, student competitions, and informational videos.
  • Educate to Career - a non-profit that generates beginning salary averages for academic majors within a specific school.
  • - determine what you might earn, through the largest salary profile database in the world.